Week 2 of School Lunches

Here for another week of school lunches. I did forget to mention in my first week of lunches post that my son is in kindergarten. And is a very picky eater, which makes packing lunches very hard. 🙂  With that being said… lunches may tend to repeat a lot!!

Lets jump right in with Monday….


Peanut Butter sandwich, fruit snacks (they are from Aldi), Apple/Cinnamon applesauce, a little bag of potato chips, Kool-Aid juice box, and a reese’s pumpkin cup. 



Spaghettio’s w/meatballs, pretzel goldfish, mandarin orange, rice krispie treat, and a juice box from Aldi 

Wednesday: I know, I know… Bad lighting. I’m going to try and work on getting better pictures. 🙂 Also I tried something new in his lunch, but it was a big fail!


A chicken lunch meat sandwich (he didn’t touch any of it), fruit snacks, carrots, chocolate covered raisins, goldfish,chips, and a Aldi juice box. 

Thursday: He bought lunch this day.



All Beef Hotdog, goldfish, fruit snacks, chocolate covered raisins, frozen blueberries, Aldi juice box, and a halloween chex mix his Grandma made. 

I really hope you are enjoying the what i pack for lunch posts. Please let me know of anything else you would like to see! 🙂


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