Hey everyone,  I’m Brittnay, and I’m married to my hubby for 8 wonderful years. We have 2 very beautiful children, my princess who is 4, and my prince who is 5. ( they are 19 months apart, and I get asked multiple times if they are twins 🙂 ) We have 2 cats, a dog, and 2 fish.

I was a SAHM for about 5 years, and recently have gone back to work as a server at a wine bar! Talk about the perfect job for me. lol 🙂 I also am a very, very proud Law Enforcement Wife. Its a tough job at times, but I would not trade our life for anything. Knowing my husband loves his job (and he is good at it) makes it all worth it.

I love coffee, wine, and reading when I have the time too! And we can’t forget my biggest love which is makeup. It’s actually becoming a problem when you need to move it all into a giant dresser for storage.


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